Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Almuerzo interrupted

V just screeched "like Monica Seles...being stabbed in the back" when she realised that her bowl of rice had toppled onto the floor. Not since that wrathful ghost had its mits around her neck in Scotland back in '92 has she emitted such a heartrending shriek.

Cherry bolted for the door and Bali gave me that fight or flight? look if his. For a brief moment the notion that it might have been my fault was enough to make me howl like a banshee too.

Fortunately we'd already consumed roughly half of it. V had cooked it up with latino condiment Bijol — essentially a mix of annatto, corn and cumin — adding sweet basil and 'culantro' for flavour.

But the of acme of this meal had been the veggie dish that the ill-fated arroz accompanied. Broccoli and grated carrot were first fried in olive oil, before a quarter cup of milk, a bit of cream and the liquid from a jar of olives were added. Once this had reduced, a beaten egg was broken over the pan to bind the dish and a few capers tossed on top. The whole concoction was then covered and left to simmer. Yum...

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