Monday, September 28, 2009

Notes from abroad: Playa del Carmen (3)

Back on the road today. But first I have do do my shopping and pay my Mexican immigration tax at the bank because I'm not likely to get another chance before I get to the border.

I'm looking forward to reaching Las Ranitas later this morning because I could do with being somewhere on this lovely coast that's a bit less of a gallinero. Still, if you get up early enough Playa can seem pretty empty.

Meanwhile, V has just remembered that she can watch endless YouTube videos on her iPod Touch with the result that I'm getting strafed with links. Not sure I can watch those Cabeza de Pija clips here in Starbucks, but here's one of the cuter alternatives, which reminds me of a familiar situation back home. (Except there the cat is on the receiving end!)

Right, off to Wal-Mart now to buy some queeeeeeeeeesooooo.

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