Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Fruit and Veg

My father commented jovially the other day that the elotes pictured above would have done well in the Bradfield produce show.

Cobs of corn such as these are one example of the kind of Guatemalan produce characterised by a higher order of both quality and savory experience than any equivalent found on Britain's supermarket shelves.

Other items in this category are tomatoes, avocados, red and green peppers, melons and bananas and, perhaps more understandably, 'exotic' fruits such as mangoes and papaya.

Naturally enough I suppose, there are a number of things which are available in greater variety and to a higher quality in the UK, mushrooms and asparagus being the stand-out examples.

The standard local potato in Antigua, essentially a 'new' potato, has no obvious defects, but what you don't have here in Guatemala is the full range of different sized spuds. Red onions and baby spring onions are also less readily available and the ginger tends to be less juicy.

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david said...

I bet the crab apples are better too! And the green gages. And the rasberries. And what about runner beans?!

Finally found you.. Except you seem to be in Spain. Sigh.