Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Drag Me to Hell (2009)

The loan advisor is one promotion short of acquiring the kind of status in the corporate world that will perhaps enable her to dispel memories of an agricultural childhood.

She wants that job; badly. But her boss has mentioned to her that the new guy can sure crunch those numbers and take those tough decisions, and when the old gypsy woman comes into the the bank pleeding for a delay on that foreclosure, he tells her "It's your call..."

Horror movies live or die according to their relationship with the back catalogue. A little frisson of déjà vu is a must-have ingredient, but too much and you run the risk of accusations of being clumsily derivative. (viz The Unborn)

Many would appear to think that the clever way to transcend this little difficulty is to make one of those postmodern movies which knowingly quotes from the cult classics, though the result is more often than not rather boorish. And simply re-making an already notorious horror flick is surely the cop-out option.

So, what Sam Raimi has achieved here deserves proper recognition. He's trotted out many of the most perennial clichés of the genre but the result hardly ever feels anything but fresh. In fact it almost feels like a re-invention. Most of all, it's scary, funny and gross, and at its best when it's all three at the same time!

Grade: A-

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