Monday, September 21, 2009

District 9 (2009)

Right on the cusp of deadly seriouness and downright silliness, District 9 presents the viewer with a parade of familiar ideas from several cinematic genres within a context like nothing you have ever seen before.

It's hectic, at times a bit too hectic for me. The underlying message is also ambiguous to the point of equivocation. But it's entertaining and often amusing. (I suspect there are some great in-jokes for the native South Africans in there too.)

With its central comparison of ETs to seafood I was inevitably reminded of 'Pik' Botha's memorable description of apartheid-era South Africa:

"We are not a nation of jillyfish."

V had her own Guatemalan way of getting her head around it. "So, these aliens have their own Pavón?"

Grade: B++

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