Monday, September 28, 2009

Let's get this over with...

Will someone please hurry up and hussle these de facto dinos out of power in Honduras? Nationwide curfews, blockaded foreign embassies. Puhlease.

These eedjits made their move against Zelaya when the grand total of his 'treason' against the Hounduran constitution was a no-car zone in Tegucigalpa and a non-binding consultation about a possible two-term presidency...which would have reached its conclusions AFTER an election he would no longer be eligible to stand in under the existing rules.

How much more completely premature and stupid could this coup have been? Even if the man had Chavista tendencies they might have been better off doing nothing at all, or at least waiting. Now they have seriously destabilised their country and have probably made their worst populist nightmare that much more likely to take constitutional shape than it ever was before.

Chávez may be a monster turd befouling the continent, but at least he has been smart enough to create an interesting new game plan for an old style autocrat intending to work within the new democratic Latin America. Micheletti and co are just retrograde bullies whose bluff has been well and truly called now. Time for them to start looking for condos in Panama.

On another note, it was amusing to hear la Christina of Arge stating that not even in the darkest days of dropping students out of aeroplanes over the Atlantic did Videla and co ever dream of intimidating a foreign mission.

Colom probably thinks it best to keep schtum at this point, because of course the Guatemalan goose-steppers DID indeed attack a foreign embassy in 1980 - the Spanish one. 36 people died in the subsequent fire. The only survivor from amongst the peasant protestors who had taken sanctuary there was later abducted from his hospital, tortured and murdered after his police guard went walkies.

Let's hope this doesn't provide an unfortunate precedent.

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