Saturday, September 26, 2009

Blighted by competition

V was very sympathetic and asked me why the poor man was providing free advertising for his upstart rival!

He should try opening a coffee shop in London - though The Italian Coffee Co appears to have a virtual monopoly here, so Starbucks will have to stand there outside the legislative palace and make a fuss too.

As the Dragons would say, there aren't many barriers to entry in the tortilla-making trade. It's not that one can set up a guild and control the qualifications for new entrants.

Much the same thing has happened in our street, with Doña Mari and Doña Tere going head to head.

Mari's tortillas are yukkier*, but have the advantage of being made on a comal in the tradictional way with proper corn (not Maseca) and so the arrival of Doña Tere's start-up tortillería hasn't as yet put her into a violent sulk as far as we can tell.

* Don't forget that water is a key ingredient.

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