Friday, September 16, 2022



With Charles III having to dust off his Welsh before fist-bumping with the boyos in Cardiff today, the BBC duly reminded us how many inhabitants of this small nation might have had misgivings about adopting this 'English' Prince all those years ago. 

Well, the King was indeed born in England (at Buck House no less) and is largely domiciled there, but he comes from a family of immigrants, being approx a quarter Greek, a quarter Scottish, and the rest a sort of Germano-Danish, teutonic chirmol

William, the new Prince of Wales, could more easily be stigmatised as 1/2— English, so if the Welsh are up for a good old moan, now might be the time. (Though they could wait for 3/4 English Prince George* to show up in due course.) 

I detect a potential conflict of interest looming in Qatar this winter.

* The first name of his Hanoverian ancestors is a bit of a smokescreen. 

Elizabeth II, the GOAT?


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