Tuesday, September 06, 2022

Fall (2022)

One's feelings about this movie will tend to depend on where one sits on the Schadenfreude/Vertigo axis. 

Every minute tended to remind me that most of the visitors one came across in Antigua used to be fairly serious people — individuals who turned up here to learn Spanish, to volunteer on local projects, to open a small business (of the more serious sort) and so on. 

Nowadays there would appear to be a greater predominance of un-serious types who just want to log a pic of themselves standing on one live volcano with another puffing away in the background. 

Others are seemingly content to make do with the "sensation of being alive" served up by standing on a wooden open palm protruding over a precipice. (Just as long as the accident waiting to happen is recorded for posterity.) 

Anyway, the lesson here for "like-whores" is that should you have a spectacularly dumb selfie project in mind, pre-alert some more serious folk as to your whereabouts and likely need for an expensive rescue. 



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