Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Ya Monnonites

Rupa Huq, a Labour backbencher with some previous in out-group bullying, this week added to the growing body of opinion that black men who stray from the social justice message tend to manifest as alarming white, especially on BBC Radio 4. 

She earned herself the sternest ticking off her party leader is currently capable of. 

Last week I shared a vehicle with a pair of Mennonites; very large chaps with large beards...

I have to admit that in all these years I had not previously participated in a conversation in English with members of this tribe, and had just assumed that they would sound hilariously Teutonic, rather like Toto Wolff. 

Instead, to my astonishment, they expressed themselves in proper Belizean creole. 

Anyone who has spent any time in the Caribbean will know that lighter-skinned inhabitants of the region who sound darker in speech are not an especially unusual phenomenon, but Central American Mennonites are undoubtedly at the extreme, non-superficial end of whiteness. 

For sure their conversation was predictably focused on farming and the recent weather patterns, yet was enunciated in a manner that shaded these blandly agrarian interests with a disarmingly street patina.

During my rather limited residence in Orange Walk Town in the late 80s, I learned that there appeared to exist two distinct tendencies within the community: the hardcore 'no rubber tyres on our buggies' group and then those equipped with walkie-talkies and cultivating high value export crops for the US market, if you get my drift. 

Hulu and Netflix might consider another iteration of their most successful productions; a sort of Narcos/Handmaid's Tale hybrid.

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