Sunday, September 11, 2022

The Proclaimers

King Charles III's proclamation in front of around 200 pre-selected members of the Privy Council — it was immediately clear that none of the great and the good had anything better to do this morning, not even Boris — required one of those hit and miss 3am alarms for us. 

I subsequently conked out before the new King's emissaries effectively had to knock on the door of the City of London before repeating their announcement on the steps outside the Royal Exchange in the presence of a platoon of individuals dressed like the sort who might tend to have it in for a monarch called Charles. (Plus a bloke who appeared to have pinched Vladimir Putin' sable hat.) 

This part of the spectacle we caught up with later on via a Spanish media feed, and were amused with how the interpreter appeared to struggle with some of the old fashioned inglés on display. "Nuestra Graciosa Reina...". 

He also pulled up short when "whereas" was deployed atypically, in effect as a way of avoiding something we were always told to avoid at school — starting a sentence with 'Because...'

Wellington's equestrian statue in the location celebrates, appropriately enough, the bill he pushed through the Commons which allowed for the rebuilding of London Bridge. 


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