Saturday, June 14, 2008

Que alguien me expliiique - Euro2008

Why Aragones doesn't put Cesc Fabregas in his starting line-up?

In all my lifetime I can't remember seeing the Italians getting so badly tonked in a major international tournament as they were last week by the Dutch (3-0). Oh to have been able to wander up Frith Street back in Soho that evening watching them choke on their Peronis and espressos!

Indeed, it's been an enjoyable Euro2008 so far. The teams I had decided to support thanks to the bleak absence of Enger-land - Spain and Holland - have been doing admirably well, and those that I love to hate - the Germans, French and Italians - have all got varying degrees of huevo on their faces. Unfortunately the Italians will still make it to the knock-out phase if they finish off the Frogs next week, and from then on I suppose they are likely to go on to win, a pura chiripazo, just as they did in Germany two years ago.

We had another earthquake around 9:30pm on Thursday night; a 5.6 emanating from Suchitepequez. It was reported as the 31st tremor in Guatemala this year which has been sensible (strong enough to feel), which means that these strong seismic events are occurring on average roughly once every six days at the moment. (Though in truth I have only felt three since I arrived a month ago.)

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