Saturday, June 21, 2008

Raggedy Boy

Last week we attended the opening night of an exhibition of attractive paintings (guache on Mexican bark paper) by Panajachel-based artist AnnieLópez.

Her mother related to me the Mayan folktale behind the work entitled Raggedy Boy and demonstrated how the myth progressed from the painting of that name through several hanging to the left of it.

There was a superb Flamenco guitarist performing in the corner of the main gallery and the owner's daughter performed a spontaneous fire dance on the roof. Nothing to quite match Tex-Argentinian artist Russell's skinny dip in the restaurant pool last month, but he turned up again, apparently pre-loaded and looking for another good time. Hagabulto also put in an appearance.

The exhibition continues at the Meson Panza Verde until the second week of next month.
More pics here.

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Joël Céré said...

Nice paintings. Very "naive" style.