Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Tears of the Sun

If I didn't know that it had been shot in 2003 I'd have said this film was a product of the pre-9-11 world. Perhaps there is an element of intervention justification in this Bruce Willis vehicle, which otherwise looks like an attempt to update The Wild Geese with added poignancy and relevance. It's deeply silly too, though not in the re-watchable way that characterises its precursor.

Bruce plays an over-age Marine Corps Lieutenant tasked with rescuing do-gooder doc Monica Belluci from a mission surrounded by bloodthirsty irregulars (Not in any way as scary however as the 'Simbas' chasing Richard Burton, Roger Moore et al.)

His squad have a laptop which shows them exactly how far away their pursuers are but when contact is finally made, they appear to have the jungle combat nouse of a shoeless African militia.

The writers haven't even been bothered to come up with an invented African state in turmoil. This ugly mess is supposedly Nigeria: Christian and Democratic (yes!).

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