Sunday, January 19, 2020

New funding model

The Queen's Sandringham estate in Norfolk has been receiving around £650,000 in EU CAP subsidies. 

Yet presumably, as the revenues from the crown estates revert to the Treasury, before being paid out to those members of the Royal Family who are still up for the job, this was quite a sneaky way of getting Johnny Foreigner to part pay for our pomp and circumstance. 

Regardless of the position they might take on Harry and Meghan as individuals, there will surely be analysts of the free-marketeer bent who will be keeping a close eye on how things pan out for them in 'North America'. There's a funding model being established for all members of the subsidiary or 'spare' branches of the Windsor tree. 

'Walmart with a crown on it'. It's a Brexit-ready solution. 

Meghan is not a UK citizen and is now unlikely to ever become one. Does Harry have a green card? 

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