Thursday, October 04, 2007

"Unfair at best"

The first American soldier killed in Iraq back in March 2003 was a Guatemalan orphan who had walked his way to the US as a boy and was serving in the Marine Corps in order to pay for a college education.

CNN has this week reported on the case of Mildred, the Guatemalan wife of a US Naval Petty Officer serving his third tour in Iraq. She came to the US illegally as a five year-old and now faces deportation. The couple have a twenty month-old son.

Back in June Specialist Alex Jimenez went missing in Iraq (presumed kidnapped by insurgents), since when his wife has also faced the threat of deportation:

Update: Britain, on the other hand, appears to want to do the decent thing, having offered asylum to a number of translators who have worked with our forces in Southern Iraq.

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