Wednesday, October 24, 2007

When fusion leads to meltdown

Many years ago I bought V a dress in Marbella that she has never really forgiven me for. Her favourite prop whenever it is time for one of those general remonstrations, she likes to whip it out from wherever she currently has it stashed. Fortunately I haven't seen it for a while though, and on Sunday I rather fancied that it had found a new owner in the person of the lead singer of LaXula, support band for the Bajofondo bunch.

Nothing I can say about this little ensemble will beat the blurb on their fliers:

"LaXula leads audiences on a journey of wonder and decadence. A plaintive fiesta of influences from Flamenco to Arabic, Tango to Roma, laced with indie-rock psychedelia...Deeply routed [sic] in an ancient feminine spirit, this travelling band of captivating musicians and alluring performers present sensuous and bewitching music, with a remarkable stage presence that brings together burleseque glamour and gypsy defiance. Take notice now!"

A further list of influences are cited on the band's MySpace page along with their 'herstory'. We had bands like this in Britain back the 80s, but they were more fun.

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