Saturday, October 23, 2021

Herd it all before...


It's déjà vu season in the UK. The same sort of people are saying the same sort of things they were saying this time last year, right before Lockdown V2.0. 

Like — Look at London, vaccination levels are low, but so are the case levels. Everyone there must have herd immunity....

There's no such thing as herd immunity, dimwits. The New Scientist confirmed it this week with data from Iran, where almost the entire population has had covid-19 at least once, and it appears to have done them no good at all. 

Beyond the usual incompetence, it is hard to pinpoint why this is happening. Something akin to the Israeli situation may be playing out, where the jabbings were done early and the antibodies acquired via the initial double-inoculation also wore off comparatively briskly. 

There the problem was promptly resolved by issuing boosters, but Boris has a knack for acting just outside of the main window of opportunity. 

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