Monday, August 16, 2021

Becket (2021)

 "'s the communists who want to kill me?"

This from the titular non-character, a personage so sapless, that at this stage in the plot we have absolutely no idea whether he actually believes this or not. 

About ten minutes before that V had experienced a sudden moment of doubt, prompting her to ask if I had put on a movie from the seventies. 

The cinematography, ardent German activists, cold war-style kidnappings and sinister conspiracies would all support that suspicion. 

But in the end this is a movie about a very dull man who, while on holiday in Greece, gets Alicia Vikander killed in a particularly gormless fashion and then — rather coincidentally — pays for it, big time, having to spend the rest of the movie's run time, doing just that, running, though usually at such a malcoordinated totter that it's a wonder that all the folk out to get him, don't. 


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