Monday, August 09, 2021

J&J is good enough....

Hindsight is a wonderful thing, but...

A single-dose, relatively cheap vaccine requiring only basic refrigeration, would have been an ideal solution for countries like Guatemala.

J&J, rather like Astra Zeneca, became the victim of some over-hyped difficulties and very rare side-effects.
One must always remember that the insane people dedicating themselves to misinformation in the US are not all on the Right. There are vaccination OVER-enthusiasts too, and some of these could just not get their heads around the idea of one and done.
Meanwhile, the 2-jab Oxford vaccine (Astra Zeneca) was the victim of politically-motivated negative propaganda via Russia, the EU, even Australia, feeding off anti-British sentiment.
We have been collectively glued to the impact of politics on the pandemic in the USA and not paid that much attention to the geopolitical distortions, in part because they are reported on to a much lesser extent.
Pfizer and Moderna have actively pushed their expensive technologies, adding to the put downs whenever convenient, just as they began to actively feed the rich world's 'booster' anxiety.

Guatemala duly fell for the blatant scam that is Sputnik V. Other Latin American countries loaded up with the cheap Chinese knock-off Sinovac, which is now proving to be of limited effectiveness against Delta and probably other new variants as well.
Of one thing we can be certain, there will be no further donations from the gringos while Consuelo Porras still has a job.

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