Sunday, November 04, 2007

Que tomas contra el malestar estomacal?

Is the question being asked of every election correspondent that calls into Emisoras Unidas from various parts of the country. WTF?

When I last spoke to V she was lying on the bed contemplating going out to vote; maybe. "Hay un calor sofocante," she told me and this same weather report was repeated on the radio just a few minutes ago.

Back in September they forecast that the rain would play a part again, but as it turns out it is the heat (and the fact that it's Sunday anyway) that has been impeding democratic activity in Guatemala so far today.

Update: in the west it may in fact be the cold that is fostering abstencionismo. However, in a poll conducted by the media, over 70% of respondents have instead blamed the 'quality of the candidates'.

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