Friday, November 09, 2007

Luna de Xelajú

I'm not certain, but I think these are the marimbistas that visited London about a decade ago as part of a cultural event at the Barbican that the Guatemalan embassy organised.

V's cousin Alan plays with La Union Musical. They've released a couple of CDs of dance tracks rearranged for Guatemala's national instrument that one could almost chuck some shapes to.

(Thanks to Alfa of Blog de mi Guatemala for this!)


Anonymous said...

Last year at Parque Central in Xela we saw a monument dedicated to the composer of the famous song--he wrote it heartsick over the loss of his Jewish girlfriend some 60 years ago.

Unknown said...

Luna de Xelaju is a must to any marimba collection. I have been able to attend to some functions where the marimba makes its presence known here in the U.S. and those of us attending have to shed a tear or two because it's beautiful to listen to these pieces in Guatemala, but abroad it's not only beautiful, but bittersweet...

Happy rest of the week (and weekend). I shall be in la tierra de la eterna primavera. Saludos.