Sunday, November 04, 2007

Voto por Otto?

Here, before the first round of polling, Alejando Giammattei advised Guatemalans not to vote for 'Ya-maté Obispo' and other robbers and killers:

It's still quite early over there, but so far the turn-out has been markedly lower than September 9. As before, the public sale and consumption of alcoholic drinks is prohibited today. It looks like it will be tight and the bomberos voluntarios are on stand-by across the country, because whichever man wins, there's bound to be some serious mayhem.

V has found a way to rationalise support for Mano Dura. She says it's a bit like choosing between her eldest brother, the one with carácter y decisión and her youngest brother, 'el mudo' with the mano aguada. Which one would she trust not to leave the door to the national shop open, she asks herself. Not an easy choice, she says, because both have their failings.

My main concern is that perhaps Otto won't actually be able to deliver on his promise of greater security, because a) UNE dominates the congress regardless of what happens today and b) the delinquents have paymasters who are likely to be in his immediate social circle. It's clear that the narcos have set themselves up for a win win too.

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