Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Mi primer amor

I was never a huge fan of Selena's Tex-Mex output, but there's no doubt she was a major vocal talent. I've always thought that J Lo's fame was in some ways borrowed (or inherited) from the the slain Chicana, because it was her miming to Selena's tracks in Gregory Nava's biopic that really launched her A-list career.

Nava had made a great movie in 1983 about a pair of indigenous siblings fleeing the civil war in Guatemala and attempting to make a new life in California: El Norte. It was one of the first things my Spanish teacher wanted to talk to me about in 1989 when I had passed the threshold of the cue-cards. Note to self: I must get a copy of the DVD.

This was a great mid 90s track from the Barrio Boyz which Selena fronted shortly before her death. She might never have made a movie star, but she sang better than J Lo and she would probably have gone on to sort out the Barrio Boyz' dress sense.

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