Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Chuchos electricos

Rudy has today highlighted the plight of Guatemala's street dogs, known locally as chuchos electricos (Corriente con corriente!)

The perros callejeros that scavenge around Panorama are a source of great pleasure to me. Some clearly have a very rough time of it, but others seem to do quite well out of neighbourhood charity, living on a diet of bread rolls, bones and half-eaten tortillas. They generally have a dignity born of a disarming humility coupled with admirable daring, and it must appeal quite widely, because according to Rudy they are just as likely to share the fate of unattended Mayan babies and be grabbed by some gringo and taken off p'al norte as a fashion statement.

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Anonymous said...

ha ha, Betty uses that phrase all the time. I never knew why until now!