Saturday, August 09, 2008

The Parade of Athletes

As well as being able to run around and throw stuff, so many of these people seem to be achingly beautiful. How unfair is that?

India in particular is simply taking the piss. Most of their 'athletes' looked like Bollywood movie stars.

Amongst those who dazzled were Belize's own Wania Monteiro, Fabienne Fereaz of Benin, Yana Klochkova of Ukraine and the delightful nymph carrying the compromise flag of 'Chinese Taipei'.

Worst dressed on the night were the Canadians, just about pipping the Venezuelans. The Polish women looked as if they had kitted themselves out for their High School prom and the Fins were apparently attending a Nokia sales convention.

It goes without saying that Guatemala's 12 Olympians turned up in the usual facha that they might as well have picked up at the aiport souvenir store on their way out. Their flag-carrier did look mighty proud though.

The NBC commentator helpfully pointed out that the Central African Republic is a republic in central Africa.

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Anonymous said...

I have no memory of Finland's dress because I was focused on one particular female --unidentified-- who was the stunner of the O-Parade.