Tuesday, August 26, 2008


We've been watching the chefs on Galicia TV this morning. Whilst a revolto may sound intrinsically less yummy than a revuelto, the visual presentation of this dish with fresh green asparagus has left us with our mouths watering.

In comparison the native cookery shows are a bit depressing. There are only so many times you can learn how to make a pepián, after all. Cocina Sal y Pimienta on Canal 3 features seventies-style muzak and the dirty aluminium pans of superannuated Chapin cuisinier Luis del Cid, who can barely knock up a decent spag bog these days.

Then there's the blatant product pushing on Secretos de Cocina, where no dish is complete without Mirasol margarine or salsa Natura's. At least they have replaced that mudo Carlos with the likeable buffoon Coque. Best of the bad bunch is perhaps the high-camp indigene Chef Humberto, a regular guest on Al Filo de La Noche.

Still, since signing up for SKY, we've also had access to an excellent Argentinian foodie station called el Gourmet, which is in many ways superior to British digital channels such as UK Food or indeed anything on the Beeb. So far our favourite show here has been that of Buenos Aires-based Japanese chef Takehiro Ohno (pictured) with his signature line "hmm...que lico".

The most exciting development on SKY though was the arrival today on channel 203 of BBC Entertainment. (All the effort I put in to getting the iPlayer running out here may after all have been premature...)

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