Thursday, August 21, 2008

We're already here!

In the current edition of La Cuadra, the magazine of Café No Sé, Jean-Claude Lambert of Blackwater has written an eloquent response to a recent article by Mike Tallon on the war in Iraq:

"Don't worry about Blackwater in Antigua. We're already here and you're welcome to explain your ill logic to any of our personnel any time you like. p.s. Please continue to wear Che Guevara shirts. We need the practice. And Guatemala doesn't exactly like communists, you dolts!"

Sure enough, a few pages on one comes across an ad for bullet-proof Che T-shirts: "Made of supple new kevlar.. in three radical colours, pink, red and Vladimir. Make checks payable to Thanks Sucka, SA".

"Every dive needs a town" boasts the regular Revue spot for Café No Sé, which also draws punters' attention to the availability of "Live Music Nightly, Great Bar Food, Cold Beer, Uncomfortable Seats, Confused Staff, Wanted and Unwanted Pregnancies, Illegal Mezcal, 4.5 Dogs, Other Creatures, Deviant Behavior, Agent 69, 30 Tequilas, Hearts to Break, Heart Breakers, Mezcal Bar and Bo's Ashes (He's dead but happy)".

Although it clearly caters for the kind of younger persons that Richard Nixon used to affectionately refer to as 'bums', a quick glance through the other ads in La Cuadra reveals that the Café's pinko credentials appear to have been compromised by its close, marketing-led fraternisation with Antigua's fat cat gastronomic oligarchy (e.g. Bistro Cinq, Nokiate and the Panzon Verde.)

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