Monday, April 04, 2022

40th Anniversary

Forty years have passed and the utterly senseless waste of life that was the Falklands War can still be spoken of as a glorious attempt to restore 'la patria' — as opposed to say the result of a cynical and aggressive invasion launched by a militarised dictatorship against a peaceful neighbouring community populated entirely by individuals who wanted to speak English, drive on the wrong side of the road and live in freedom with their sheep. 

So, I ask you, what hope do we have that the Russians will ever see any sense? 

Galtieri and co were not even able to make up an oppressed minority of "ethnic Argentians" in dire need of liberation. 

The presence of the islanders on their islands is no more colonial than the Ukrainian government is run by drug-addled Nazis. These are just contemptuous ways of using the past to deny people self-determination in the present. 

When some nations look beyond their borders to lands that they covet, it's as if the people already inhabiting them are invisible. Their right to feel that they indirectly own some rocks is deemed superior to the rights of the people (and penguins) making a living on those rocks. 

And while we are here, no, Belize does not want to be part of Guatemala. 

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