Friday, April 01, 2022

Moonfall (2022)

Let this be peak Roland Emmerich. Please. 

For it is hard to imagine a movie that is more thunderingly dumb than this one, and the German director's next project is called Mayan Lord, apparently a biopic treatment of the life of Gonzalo Guerrero, the sailor from Palos de la Frontera (Huelva) who was captured and enslaved by the Yucatec Maya in 1511 and yet somehow went on to become a respected cacique and fathered the first three mestizo kids in the mainland Americas.

Mel Gibson's Apocalypto was a strange blend of the authentic and inauthentic, utterly OTT in places, yet satisfying overall. One shudders at how this key moment in our region's history will now be handled by the director of 2012

Anyway, back to Moonfall. There's no point in describing the plot. Ever since Independence Day we have known what to expect from Emmerich: headslappingly stupid movies that somehow turn mass catastrophe into mass entertainment. 

Almost every instance of a character delivering an apparently scientific explanation for the goings on here becomes a laugh-out-loud moment. ("e.g. "It's a self-aware singularity.") 

And in a way this adds to the fun, for it is almost as if Moonfall were functioning as a knowing spoof of the genre. 

However, you may still need to conduct a few restorative cognitive exercises after viewing it. 

Plot Hole Ahoy

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