Friday, October 14, 2022

Teachable Moment

If Liz Truss PM is ever seen to have been useful it will be as an important historical learning opportunity. 

Not perhaps quite so much in the UK, where Cassandra Sunak told everyone what was going to happen and was duly ignored. But elsewhere in the world — for example here in Guatemala, where Gloria Álvarez has been the most visible exponent of the libertarian posture, one which assumes that the invisible hand will always give the thumbs up to ‘anti-statist’ policies. 

But now we not only know, but can see, that the market does not generally yearn to be liberated from sound government.

Imagine that when the country is in the midst of a cost of living crisis, when 12% of the population features on the NHS waiting list, and everyone is trying to deal with crippling energy price rises, you enter No10 and in week one implement policies which add hundreds of pounds to average monthly mortgage payments, all because the kooky ideas that have been groomed into your head are preventing you from appreciating the nature of the actual, critical situation to hand. 

(And, OMG, that press conference earlier is definitely going to be a teachable moment in the PR industry.) 

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