Saturday, October 15, 2022

When No10 is really No11

It does look like the current cunning plan is an in office but not in power constitutional PM, perhaps with a more formal, less cataclysmic leadership exchange closer to the election. 

Truss may be permitted to opine and even decide on matters unrelated to fiscal policy and the economy. But have no doubt, he of the mispronouncable surname is our de facto leader, proposing a policy direction diametrically opposed to that which that Truss herself tried to sell in the hustings. 

Hunt has been anointed in a truly clandestine manner. Rather than turning to the pair that came in behind Truss, or indeed attempting the even riskier and unsavoury Boris restoration, they have turned to the 2019 runner-up instead.

On Monday the City of London will have a say and if the price of Gilts rises significantly, then it’s all over. The markets will decide the fate of this subterfuge. 

Beyond that there is the matter that the entire country is in crisis and a powerless, duck with a zimmer frame executive is a situation that can find all sorts of ways not to work.

We have not really had a state of affairs / affair of state like this since John of Gaunt and Richard II. (Did not end well.)

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