Friday, January 27, 2023

Wrong Prison

Sadly J.K. Rowling is unlikely to be moved off the naughty step she has been placed on for consistently flagging up where this kind of madness has been leading us.

Let's face it, the majority of people that have been pushing or at least protecting this agenda have little interest in the wellbeing of a vulnerable minority.

They are instead either parroting fashionable nonsense to shore up their own position or, more disturbingly, attempting to establish a world where ideas can flourish detached from fact — and the trans community are simply their most recent and perhaps useful accessories.

At Cambridge in the 1980s these people had, after a difficult thirty years or so, largely been purged from the History faculty, but retained relatively strong outposts elsewhere, most notably in the Anthropology department. It would seem that now almost the whole of academia is infected, even when apparently asymptomatically.

All they really crave is a situation where no set of facts can ever disturb the ascendancy of their ideology. One where people who attempt to contradict their creed with verified information are persecuted.

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