Thursday, May 03, 2007

Mojigatos and Pocahooters

The prudes were on patrol in London last night. This particular guerrilla action in the name of public decency had only just occurred as I crossed Waterloo Bridge at around 7pm.

The metal figure is by Anthony Gormley, a taster for his Hayward exhbition and one of 30 nude male statues currently causing offence to prigs around the capital.

It's a shame that I can only really share this video with my Portuguese-speaking friends. In it, a raving religious nutjob outlines to a gathering of aspiring religious nutjobs why just about every single Disney character is a really just an insidious cypher for Satanic porno filth.

The funniest parts are where he outs the Lion King, and of course his opening gambit: "If you stop and think and examine carefully the cover of The Little Mermaid [as I have done many times] you will see an erect penis..."

And yes, when you utter the name Pocahontas, you are calling the Devil to your side!

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