Thursday, May 17, 2007

Random News

In fifteen minutes you will still be wondering...whether anything more interesting is happening in the world today than the disappearance of a four-year-old in 'Prayer de Louche'.

Of course the most interesting issue surrounding the conflict in Iraq remains whether Prince Harry should be allowed to go and take part in it. A former colleague of mine, Colonel 'Bosnia' Bob Stewart DSO, was on BBC Breakfast this morning and it looked like he'd had one too many espressos before going into his debate with John Nichol on this all-important military issue. Barking out the reasons for his apparent u-turn since his previous appearance on the comfy sofa, he appeared to want to drag everyone's blood-pressure levels up with his own.

In an unusual break from the inexorable build-up to the mass public grief event still to come, Sky News invited James Whale on last weekend to review the papers. There were more worried looks on the faces of the anchor-folk as Whale went off script a bit. "Do you want to know my opinion? Well, I'll tell you my opinion..." And that was that all male children should be reversibly sterilised and forced to apply as adults for a breeding license.

Whale's Wikipedia entry informs us that "James is an honorary bishop in the Ralian religion, he is not afraid to mension this on air, on 14th May 2007 James said "I am an honorary bishop in the Ralian religion".

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Anonymous said...

ay dios, the director of Frankenstein and The Bride of Frankenstien has really gone off the deep end....