Thursday, November 01, 2007

Mobile marketing in Guate

Two journalists from El Periódico, Enrique Castañeda and Hilda Mérida have informed the human rights prosecutor in Guate that several death threats were sent to their mobile phones after they began investigating the financing of Otto and Mano Dura (Partido Patriota).

The journalists assert that Mano Dura is linked to both organised crime and drug-trafficking. (A bit like the other lot...)

“We have received threats and suffered intimidation ever since the start of our research into the structure of the PP and its financing of Otto Pérez Molina’s election campaign,” Enrique Castañeda said. He added that he could not name “any one person or party in particular” but the threats had increased the more their investigation went on. Meanwhile Pérez Molina claims to know nothing about the investigation and adds that he has a clear conscience.

Francisco Goldman has been on tour pushing his new book The Art of Political Murder, Who Killed the Bishop? Two of its pages insinuate the existence of 'new evidence' that it was in fact Otto who dunnit, and this has helped to keep Goldman busy in the run up to Monday's election. The finger has been pointed at Mano Dura by Ruben Chanax, a park vagrant who used to sideline in espionage.

Here in the UK we have been marking the Day of the Dead...election.

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