Sunday, June 20, 2010

Novelero fodder

Rather than using the phone or indeed the doorbell, a person or entity wishing to remain anonymous, decided to put up notices on every post in our neighbourhood (a space normally reserved for the faces of chuchos perdidos*), advising local resident Hector to get in contact urgently regarding a matter of an unspecified personal nature.

By last night these mysterious notices had all come down as quickly as they went up, leaving the nosier amongst us to speculate as to whether the said Hector had indeed responded to this intriguing invitation. Regardless of the outcome of his/her/its printed appeal, this bill-sticker has at least succeeded in making a vecino's business the business of the wider community at large.

I overheard one local suggesting that he intended to call the number advertised and pretend to be Hector just to relieve himself of the curiosity...

* The usual tactic being to list, along with the physical characteristics of the misplaced pooch, the various diseases from which it suffers and the expensive medicines that it will quickly need in order to avoid expiration.

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