Thursday, June 24, 2010

Trip pic of the day: Thailand #s3 and 4

A bit of a foodie share this one. Having arrived at Bangkok's beautiful new airport deep into the government-imposed curfew, I decided that discretion was going to be the better part of valour and prepared myself for a night in the terminal's food courts.

Unlike Singapore's Changi, where the airport food is surprisingly dreadful, Suvarnabhumi offers a veritable emporium of Asian culinary delights. (Plus some Boots and Starbucks outlets for those who are that way inclined.)

I took up residence in one such eatery with my Netbook and ordered some 'spicy sour rice noodle with pork ball and ground pork', washing it down with a couple of jugs of Singha beer (served from what looked a bit like a Pret-a-Manger coffee machine).

Some very smart crockery this.

There were three American girls from Princeton at a nearby table who consumed so many litre bottles of Singha while they were there, that the restaurant staff gave them a box of chocolates after they'd settled their bill.

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