Friday, June 25, 2010

Trip pic of the day: Thailand #s5, 6 and 7

Tuctuc rides in Thailand offer a far more hair-raising experience than their equivalents here in La Antigua. These things go...

My round-the-world tour very nearly came to a very unfortunate end when the driver who'd taken me to some of Bangkok's less accessible sights chose to exit the Marble Temple's driveway without looking ahead, and (somehow) just pulled out of a head-on collision with another tuctuc entering it at considerable speed.

This ought to have been my last ride on these death traps, but my feet were so sore when I finished exploring Wat Pho that I decided to risk it once more rather than face the rather long walk back to Banglamphu. The video below resulted.

The fares for using tuctucs to get around the Thai capital are deceptively inexpensive. This is because the drivers are incentivised by various businesses around town (gem shops, bespoke tailors etc) with petrol vouchers, so there are usually a number of unscheduled stops on any visitor's journey.

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Mark said...

A tuktuk without the cobblestones seems positively luxurious.