Friday, June 18, 2010

Pad Thai time

One little expedition I undertook outside of what I had previously outlined to myself as the 'safe' part of Bangkok was directed at locating the concentration of street-food vendors outside Wat Saket which Rick Stein filmed for his Far Eastern Odysssey recently. (I am, it is said, of the necio persuasion, and had already had to be turned back on one of my morning wanderings by a man claiming to be a plain clothes copper: "Not that way...protests.")

I didn't partake of the pad thai at the Ghost Gate however. Bangkok was by far the warmest place I visited on my travels and just standing anywhere near the big woks in operation there made me feel in imminent danger of deliquescing on the spot.

The first of these stalls was in the (normally) tourist-packed thoroughfare of Khao San Road and the bank of three woks was just outside the train station in Ayutthaya.