Monday, January 10, 2022



Focussing on...himself, as usual, until tomorrow at least when the Immigration Minister Hawke will decide whether to deploy his arbitrary powers. 

Novax has a couple of things going for him right now. Firstly, in spite of being an egotistical bully he is also rather obviously extremely naive and some people find that 'sweet'. 

I have no doubt that he genuinely thought he'd found the magic key when he boarded that plane...oh, the loveable fool. 

And although, as the only member of the Men's Singles draw in Melbourne to have not been bovved to get a jab he doesn't deserve at all to play THIS YEAR, he also does not really deserve to be slapped with a three year ban for having fallen foul of Australia's not-entirely-fit-for-purpose visa and border control process. 

There's no question that Novax — and now the rest of Serbia — has given the finger to the executive branch of the Australian federal government (and almost certainly always intended to), and one has to wonder if they are now prepared to sit back and just take it. 

Maybe I am stronger-willed than Morrison, but I wouldn't.

(We somehow managed to miss out on the porn appearing on the live feed last night, but it was obvious that someone was obstinately attempting to gatecrash the courtzoom.)

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