Sunday, January 16, 2022


The current situation in the Australian Federal Court hearing is both bizarre and depressingly familiar. 

It's as if everyone knows that it is at least partly the result of corruption and the manipulation of influence, yet nobody is prepared to state that in front of a judge, and so both sides present arguments that are, in a sense, beside the point. 

The Immigration Minister seems to have a better attorney at his disposal, and yet he has still allowed himself to be drawn into a pointless debate about counter-factuals. 

Of course there could be civil unrest, whatever happens, just like the Australian Open has been kind of spoiled, whatever happens, but only if Novax is made to leave now will the kind of behaviour and attitude he has shown with regard to public health protocols be seen to have been duly censured. 

And during the week Djokovic missed a really glaring opportunity to recover at least part of his reputation by voluntarily withdrawing in time to avoid a three year ban, avoid the confusion surrounding the draw and order of play tomorrow, and avoid having to make a belated apology for any misunderstandings and/or trouble caused after a forced deportation — or indeed after pressing ahead into a tournament featuring 127 vaccinated players (and thousands of spectators obliged to be masked and double-vaxed.) 

Apparently we will get a decision later today, just not the full explanation for it!

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