Monday, January 10, 2022


I'm following the developments in the Djokovic 'trial' increasingly glumly. 

Judge Kelly kicked off by asking 'What more could this man have done?'

The legal minds on display are wilfully missing the point here, a phenomenon that I have become familiar with from my exposure to Guatemala's own soi-disant justice system. What he could have done is get vaccinated. He did not somehow miss the opportunity to do so because of a flukey infection.
In other words it seems obvious that he always intended to show up to play this week in Melbourne unvaccinated and thus was always looking for an underhand way to do so that would inevitably be taken as insulting by the 90% of Australians that have had made the effort to get a jab. Specifically by those in Melbourne, a city that has endured more days of lockdown than any other during the pandemic.
The exemption should hold only if the applicant was actually trying to get vaccinated, not trying to find a way to avoid it. This is not, after all, a matter of 'rules is rules', it is about a specific individual and his efforts to circumvent the rules. (And no Guardian woke-wizards, nor is it about the treatment of refugees.) 

Judge Kelly has now noted that in his interview Djokovic said words to the effect of “if you let me talk to people I will try and get what you want”. Again, my time here permits me to know exactly what he meant by that — collecting the necessary evidence in the time-honoured Chapin manner. 

If Novax tested positive on the 16th of December and then the very next day went — maskless — to a school, he deserves our contempt. There is more than enough data around now to suggest that Omicron could present a relatively non-mild threat to children. 

Like Prince Andrew, he should already realise just how pyrrhic any victory in court today will be. And I am becoming more than a bit sick of listening to self-obsessed nonsense from anti-vax insurgents who have been vaccinated in the past for smallpox, polio, measles, TB and so on. You cannot be a libertarian freedom fighter and have a medical exemption. That's called cheating.

"And then they said that if his visa is cancelled 
...he'll get an automatic three year ban."

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