Thursday, February 08, 2007

Everything's on the beach

LOST returned last night after its 13 week winter hiatus. Another roughly hour-shaped chunk out of my spare time each week.

The city of Miami featured (mysteriousy) as it does of course in CSI:Miami, the show I became hooked on whilst flying across the Atlantic. If there's a more involvingly ludicrous character on TV than Lieutenant Horatio Cain I've yet to find him. Caruso's performance wouldn't be worth spoofing because he seems to be already playing it as a piss-take...rather like some of the great TV detectives of the 1970s.

Looks like I will never be crossing the pond on BA again. I'd rather pay Continental $5 for a miniature bottle of Merlot than BA 240 quid for my second bag. (I don't think I have ever made the journey carrying less than 30 kgs.)

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scott said...

Caruso has to be taking the piss...his inflections are so completely off the wall he almost comes across as stoned.

Ever watch the old NYPD Blue? a guilty pleasure...and Caruso was completely different then.