Thursday, February 08, 2007

McCarthyisms #3

These all occurred within the space of three pages.

"Hack away you mean red nigger, he said, and the old man raised the axe and
split the head of John Joel Glanton to the thrapple."

A thrapple, according to, is another word for the thropple or windpipe.

"The judge was standing on the rise in silhouette against the evening sun like some great balden archimandrite."

An archimandrite, according to, is a senior abbot with multi-monastery responsibilities.

"He stamped his feet on the boards and flared his arms like some wild
thaumaturge out of an atavistic drama."

A thau....oh, can't be bothered.

I guess this is what Hyperwords was invented for!

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scott said...

Kep 'em coming...these musings are enjoyable.

You must read Moby Dick...a cornerstone of American lit. I have a special fondness for big encyclopedic novels and this one is the father of most of them.