Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Amazing Discovery

Amusing little story here describing how the Texas Video store in Zone 13 of Guatemala City was 'denounced' by neighbours for harbouring pirated movies. The headline reads "Another pirate shop is discovered".

The uncovering of this stash of VHS tapes is no doubt a huge victory in the battle against copyright theft. Nevertheless, just round the corner from the market in Antigua (where plenty more of these fortuitous discoveries could readily be made) there's a DVD rental shop called JennyStar, which proudly describes itself as an NGO whose "purpose is to donate ALL profits to support disabled and poor children around Antigua."

"By renting a DVD," they add "you agree that your money, after deduction for our costs, will be made into a donation." Fortunately, costs are kept to a minimum by renting out bootleg copies.

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