Friday, January 12, 2007

Los Cool-itos de Gallo

Having started out the evening in Gaia, the Gallo girls and their drummers later took to the tarima and performed in front of a mildly enthusiastic audience.

They claimed they were going to throw free beers into the crowd, which sounded interestingly dangerous, but the only freebies they had in the end were those tight red shirts, which look rather less appealing when they no longer have a Gallo girl in them.

When the fireworks had died down a bit V and I clambered up there and danced to a clanking marimba beat with a whole bunch of others; we stayed as close to the edge as possible in case it collapsed. V described my dance style as matando cucarachas (much like the guy on the right in the Baile de los Campesinos video.)

A smartly-dressed young Mexican appeared below me with hand extended and alerted me to his pressing need to ascend by shouting "Dame la mano cabrón."

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