Saturday, January 27, 2007

Gliberal comments from Kermode

"Water cooler issue-tainment at its most issue-taining," was Mark Kermode's take on Blood Diamond yesterday. He seems aligned with my view that in order to get this kind of issue into mainstream consciousness you have to make a mainstream, multiplex movie, with all the silliness that that usually entails.

Interestingly though, the McClatchy Washington Bureau has reported that the extent and lethality of conflict in Sub-Saharan Africa is "down sharply", just when this film has made it the hottest topic amongst Hollywood's rock-wearing classes.

"Gliberal...a lovie fest" were the key soundbites in his review of Emilio Estevez's oh-so well-meaning Bobby. (He then quoted another neologism he'd overheard: "Thinkronise" Euugh.)

As for The Fountain, Kermode quipped that "you wait six hundred years for a Mayan movie and then two come along at once".

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JoeBlogs said...

Apocalytpo was ver enjoyable to watch, hopefully the fountain will be too, didnt know that was about mayan culture too.