Thursday, January 25, 2007

Svetlana Sucks

Keeping me out of cinemas at the moment are three of the most annoying adverts ever made.

First there's the MTV commercial about the boy diagnosed with a bad case of brass band. It does consider itself so very clever doesn't it? Then there's the Carling ad with the swirling birdies. Belong, the call to action at the end, makes me want to start digging my bunker. (And it now seems to have spread to TV too.)

But the suckiest of the lot is the little Orange "Good things happen" film designed to get people to turn their mobiles off before the movie starts. It is set during a black-out in New York, and is turned into torment by its soundtrack, a song called This Side of the Blue by Joanna Newsom − very much in the cooky/retarded tradition of American folk, and seemingly about San Francisco not the Big Apple.

This morning I googled Newsom and it turns out she looks (and dresses) like a sibling of Fiona Apple's recruited at a young age to work for Father Christmas at the North Pole. Bring back the Orange Film Marketing Board...please!

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scott said...

awesome rant...and I'm not even acquainted with the targets!